Mathnawi Al-Din

The mercenary librarian


Mathnawi is a harmless looking young man with an air of nervous curiosity. He usually carries concealed daggers on his person.

In thief gear he wears a sand-coloured studded leather armor with scroll pouches and a mask. The armor can be folded into a backpack.

Mathnawi’s skills is mostly knowledge that covers a wide range of languages and subjects, but he has proven to be a suprisingly effective infiltrator and assassin, somewhat to his own suprise.


Mathnawi works as a scribe and librarian for the Ialal Library in Carani. Until recently he was happy translating rare texts and working on his secret dream of becoming a master thief, to liberate the literary treasures gathering dust in private collections, and somehow make them avilable to the people.

All this changed, however, when he accepted the job of translating some strange papers for the powerful merchant Azim. Now Mathnawi finds himself drawn into a strange world of violence and intrigue, doing strange assingments with some of Carani’s oddest adventurers.

Mathnawi Al-Din

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