A mysterious, wealthy foreigner. A murderer and magician.


A tall black-clad man, with an aristocratic air and icy blues eyes. A talented magician and, in spite if his apparent wealth, quite willing to take a hands-on approach.

He was the money behind the mad archeologist Felleh Attar’s attempt to violently uncover the secrets of Len Apep. Exept for our heroes, he was the only survivor of the incident.

His origin and goals are unknown, but Azim seems to consider him a rival of some sort. Azim has also indicated, with slight concern, that Vizir Rumi and Volgas is an alliance waiting to happen, as Volgas and whatever resources he representents is in Rumi’s mercy and potential dept after Volgas arrest by Rumi’s guards in the aftermath the Len Apep business.

As their cooperation led to their mutual survival in Len Apep, Volgas’ attitude to out heroes are unclear. Qutayba, however, considers the righteous murder of Volgas to be a sacred charge, demanded by The Yellow Man in exchange for saving Qutayba’s life.



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