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Asherati dwell beneath the sands of the Tchavaal Desert, with most of the population now centered in the northwestern-most parts of the region. The Asherati of Tchavaal are identical to the race as described on page 139 of the Sandstorm D&D 3.5 supplement, except for the following:

  • The Asherati of Tchavaal have a sickly yellow skin, unlike their rusty-skinned brethren in less rocky regions.
  • Asherati warriors surgically implant pointed pieces of bone and teeth into their lower left forearms (counts as a cestus, but cannot be removed). This weapon is frequently coated with Giant Wasp Poison.
  • Asherati in Tchavaal have hair growth on their heads, although males typically shave it off completely. Females, on the other hand, tend to keep it long. Asherati do not have facial hair.
  • Their alignment tends towards Neutral Evil. The Tchavaal Desert is a harsh and unforgiving place, making fiends out of even the most freedom-loving of races.

Also, the template described in Sandstorm is subject to the following rules changes to get the race in line with the Pathfinder rules:

  • Asherati receive a +2 racial bonus to any one ability score, just like humans.
  • Asherati do not count the Eagle‚Äôs Claw as a martial weapon.
  • Asherati animal trainers can train Ashworms without clipping their stingers.
  • Asherati are not available as a player race.


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