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The divine powers can all be identified with one of seven divine archetypes. It is not known whether these are gods taking on different forms, manifestations of universal principles or simply convenient similarities between different beliefs. It does happend, however, that cults stemming from the same archetype realize they are in fact of the same faith. Sometimes this leads to joining forces, other times to bloody wars fought over minute differences.

There are three archetypes associated with different aspects of civilization: the Ruler, the Consort and the Counselor. Three archetypes are associated with breaking down or being outside civilization: the Destroyer, the Storm and the Stranger. The final archetype, the Wanderer, is the bridge in between.

Not all cultures house cults of all the archetypes, and some harbor several beliefs in the same one. Religions worshipping things other than the archetypes do exist, like the djinn-worshippers of the past age, but only servants of the archetypes are granted divine spells.

GM’s note: The divine archetypes are intended to be an aid for GMs and players to create religions and gods without disturbing the setting as a whole. Two clerics from different countries could for example be of the same faith, without the players and the GM having to figure out why their religion has spread so far, or why they are of different alignments.


  • The Consort
    Common associations: Protection, happiness, pleasure, greed
    Known cults: The Cult of Joy
  • The Wanderer
    Common associations: Travel, luck, change, trickery
    Known cults:
  • The Storm
    Common associations: Elements, wilderness, weather, unrest
    Known cults:

Divine archetypes

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