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The term ‘nomad’ refers to a number of different tribes traveling the deserts. They live off the land, hunting and gathering the little supplies Tchavaal has to offer. The Nomads also trade with the civilized peoples, running wares along the Trade Way to the Eastern Dynasties, selling their services as desert guides and training horses. Nomad horses are some of the finest and strongest for sale on the Carani markets, and are seen as a symbol of status. Military commanders and wealthy mercenaries often use horses trained by Nomad tribes, and the Trackers Guild employs many a nomad in their service.

The Nomads speak their own language. Their traders and representatives often speak Common and Imperial as well, but most only speak their mother tounge. Merchant representatives from Carani and the Dynasties often learn the Nomad language to better communicate with their business contacts.

The Nomads live dangerous lives compared to the inhabitants of the city. They have to endure many hardships to survive, including fending off desert predators and clashing with orc raiding bands on a regular basis. The most dangerous of their members are the Warriors of the Crescent Moon. Civil matters mostly revolve around the tribe as a family unit, and most Nomad tribes follow a vaguely matriarchal structure, centered around the cult of Ama’ata.


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