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Orcs have no organized society in the Tchavaal Desert, but their prescence is highly visible. Most orcs rove the desert in small bands, raiding caravans and battling the nomads, but some organize themselves into nomadic tribes of their own.

Orc social structure is fluid, and strength is the only law. Tribes often schism when a chief dies or is usurped, and join together when one conquers another, keeping the size and makeup of one grouping constantly changing.

While most orcs are brutal in the extreme, few take actual joy or pride in the act of murder. They rarely kill for sport, but will gladly do so if it seems to be the easiest solution. Since caravanners generally yield when their guards are killed by raiders, they are often left alive after the orcs have taken their valuables, slain anyone resisting and raped the remaining women. As a result, half-orcs are Tchavaal’s third most common race, after humans and full-blooded orcs.

Unfortunate offsprings of a union between nomad and an orc frequently find themselves outside the city gates of Carani. Nomad custom dictates that male half-breeds be slain or left to die before reaching adulthood, but the more affectionate nomad mothers frequently abandon their children close enough to civilization for the adolescent half-orc to have a chance of surviving the journey to the city, where traditions are less stringent.


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