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The Arcane Brotherhood of the Scions of the Genies is a group of sorcerers descended from the Djinn that roamed the Tchavaal and intermingled with its human population before the founding of the great cities. They are Carani’s only official organization of arcane spellcasters. They recruit memers at an early age, before their powers become potentially dangerous to them and their families. With the proper training and containment, descendants of the djinn can avoid discovering their abilities in a voilent fashion, and many earn the right to call themselves sorcerers when their bloodline would otherwise have been a problem or even gone unnoticed.

The Brotherhood have a virtual monopoly on arcane magic and magic item creation, and frown upon other people giving them competition. Any other arcanists banding together within the walls of Carani will earn the instant enmity of the Brotherhood, and it is whispered that the elemental fraternity has assassins trained specifically to eliminate such threats to their dominance.

As its name suggests, the Brotherhood only accepts male members. Some claim that the power of the elements never manifests in women, but since a sorcerer’s powers rarely blossom into full spellcasting without any degree of training, it is hard to know for sure.

The Brotherhood

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