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The Trackers Guild is a group of rangers making a living guiding people through the desert. They primarily guide their charges between Vhol and Carani, but might accept other missions on a case-by-case basis.

The Trackers have guildhouses in both the great cities, as well as in Traders Rest, a waypost in between, sponsored by the guild and the merchant cartels they cooperate with.

Anyone may try to join the Trackers Guild, but the criteria are hard. New trackers run with veterans for a few jobs to make sure they know the terrain well enough to do the job. After they have been deemed ready by their tutor, they must complete a test, ofted a dangerous task like surviving a night in the desert, navigating through a particularily hazardous area or killing a specific creature.

Many applicants fail the test or simply give up, and the few who don’t realize when they are beat usually die. Still many apply, for there is good money in guiding rich merchants and diplomats through the desert.

Trackers Guild

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