Sands of Tchavaal

Episode N: The Eternal Hunt

29. july - 26. august

Fear spreads among the citizens of Carani when one night, the moon turns red. Shortly thereafter, orc raids on the caravans going north towards Vhol increase substantially. Even worse, sporadic reports start coming in of the dead walking in the desert.

Our heroes journey through the desert, enduring orc raids and battling the dead. An especially brutal orc tribe have begun following an old deity named Urfestra, the King of the Eternal Hunt under the Moon and Lord of the Werejackals. He has recently surfaced after being imprisoned by the Samarines for milennia. His followers are preventing the dead from going to rest, desecrating the ground and animating their bones to aid them in their hunt.

After killing the tribes shaman and finding an abandoned camp, the heroes come upon a vault with a cracked seal. After close examination, and a return trip to the city to visit Math’navi at the library, they decide to investigate the vault, on the suspicion that it may be Urfestras prison. They brave dangerous traps and fight the horrors guarding the vault, until they come upon a second seal, leading to a vault withing the vault.


They enter to find Urfestra, starved, weak and hungering for their souls. Even in this state he proves a terrible opponent, but after a coordinated offensive from our heroes the beast lies beaten.



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