Character creation rules

Here are the rules for creating new characters, in the event of a PC death or a new player joining the campaign:

  1. Ability scores: 4d6 drop lowest, arrange as you please
  2. Races and Classes: Core Only
  3. Hit Points: Max at first, roll each level
  4. Starting XP: 3,300 (lvl 3, we use the fast advancement)
  5. Starting gear: Anything mundane/masterwork, no more than 2 duplicates except ammo (Core Only)
  6. Starting wealth: 150 gp

We use the common house rule of adjudicating fractional BAB and Saving Throws when multiclassing.

DM XP: Every time someone is DM for an episode, his or her character receives XP equal to the character who received the least experience points from that episode and who is still still alive at the end of that episode.

Character creation rules

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