Church of the Sublime Hand

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Symbol: Stylized hand upheld, with the palm outwards
Aspect: the Counselor
High seat: Temple of the Sublime Hand
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Favored weapon: Scimitar

The grand upholders of justice and morality in the Empire of Thousand Spices, the Church of the Sublime hand is frequently at odds with the more pragmatic powers that rule Carani and its environs. However, the white-robed Priests of the Hand are very much beloved by the common folk for being the only force truly capable of combating threats that originate from beyond the veil of our world. And indeed, the demonic and the undead are the foremost of all foes reckoned by the teachings of the Sublime Hand.

Faced with the harsh realities of Carani’s cut-throat politics, the church leadership within the city has taken a decisively neutral stance in its approach to guiding the populace towards the path of justice and righteousness. While their clerics provide healing and banking services, and their paladins remain ever vigilant against supernatural forces that could threaten the peace, the Sublime Hand also employs the affiliated order of the Monks of the Open Hand for more clandestine church operations where secrecy and deniability are needed.

At any time, the High Priest of the Sublime Hand holds equal position to a Vizier of the Great Potentate’s court, much to the chagrin of the more ambitious nobles and quite likely the Great Potentate himself. Wetlanders hold the church in low esteem as well, frequently citing the widespread rumors that the Sublime Hand’s name and symbolism derives from the perverse autoerotic practices supposedly perpetrated by the predominantly male church fathers.

Church of the Sublime Hand

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