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Most of the campaign takes place in the vast stretch of rocky sands known as the Tchavaal Desert, particularly the trading city of Carani and its environs. To the south past the mountains lies the Empire of a Thousand Spices. To the north lies the region known to southerners only as the Wetlands.

Regions: Tchavaal Desert, The Wetlands, Empire of a Thousand Spices, Eastern Dynasties

There are many faiths and beliefs in the world, ranging from the largely unsecretive Church of the Sublime Hand to the near-mythical legends of the Yellow Man. Most of these correspond to one of several divine archetypes.

Imperial Beliefs: Servants of the Water, Church of the Sublime Hand, The Yellow Man, The Cult of Death, The Cult of Joy; Wetlandic Beliefs: The Dominion; Nomad Beliefs: Followers of Ama’ata

Races and languages
The region around the Tchavaal Desert is multi-ethnic and diverse, with everything from lizardmen to gnomes represented. Although largely human in population, other races also thrive in the region, and various regional languages and traditions abound alongside racial languages and cultures.

Races: Orcs, Imperials, Wetlanders, Gnomes, Nomads, Eastlanders, Asherati
Regional languages: Common, Imperial, Wetlandic, Nomad, Eastlandic

Several powerful organizations operate in the region around the Tchavaal Desert. From the nomadic Warriors of the Crescent Moon to the mystic order of elemental sorcerers known as the Brotherhood, Carani and the Empire hosts a multitude of different sects, fraternities and guilds.

Organizations: Trackers Guild, Monks of the Open Hand, Brothers of Famine, The Brotherhood, Warriors of the Crescent Moon, Blood of Vhol

The environs of Carani have a rich and ancient history, ranging from the legends of the ancient Samarin Empire to the recent confrontations with the Blue Dragons of the Western Mountains and their lizardmen minions.

Topics: Samarin Empire, First Azure Scourge, Second Azure Scourge

House rules
This section contains information about houserules, the epic 6 rules set and custom content.

Topics: Character creation rules, House rules, Epic 6, Feats

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