Servants of the Water

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Symbol: Water flowing from cupped hands
Aspect: The Ruler
High seat: Lake Carani
Alignment: Neutral
Worshipers: Druids, rangers, desert travelers
Favored weapon: Throwing axe

Also called the Keepers of the Lake, the Servants of the Water are what keeps the city of Carani alive. Their members each spend several hours every day casting create water to keep the lake and the city’s canals full.

The Servants rarely get involved in political affairs. The rulers of the city know that there would be no Carani without this reclusive and eccentric cult. Thus, the Servants keep mostly to themselves, secure in the knowledge that they will never be disturbed short of an invasion.

Rumors will have it that their High Priest was once offered a position as a Vizier of the Great Potentatate, an offer he respectfully declined.

Servants of the Water

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