The Yellow Man

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Symbol: A yellow handprint
Aspect: the Stranger
High seat: unknown
Worshippers: plague victims, widows and widowers, vigilantes, the poor
Alignement: neutral evil

Around lonely campfires in the desert, in dark corners of bars and in the safety behind locked doors are whispered stories of the Yellow Man. Some claim it is a harbringer of destruction, others an avenger of those wronged or betrayed, and some belive it to be a guardian angel of criminals. Little is known about this mysterious being, but much is told and retold, and many people come out of desperate and life-threatening situations with a story of the Yellow Man. The subject most disagreed upon is whether he is kind or evil, but if an accurate account of his dealings could be found, it would be clear that he grants exactly as much sorrow to his followers as happiness.

The legend has been under investigation by several religious organizations, but none has found anything more than rumours and whispers, as it is hard to separate the truth from mad ramblings and horror stories exaggerated from nothing. Many people believe him to be a myth, but he has gained a small following in the underbelly of society. From lepers on their deathbed, to vigilantes hunting the murderers of ther loved ones, anyone bitter or desperate enough may call on the blessing of the Yellow Man when they have nowhere else to turn, and nothing more to lose.

A few commonly held beliefs about the Yellow Man.

  • His blessings and gifts often come at a price. Being saved by the Yellow Man is usually followed by some other tragedy.
  • Pleasing him can protect against disease, and angering him can cause it. Stories disagree on what constitutes pleasing or displeasing the Yellow Man.
  • When you call on the Yellow Man, he answers with fire. He can grants blessings by letting his followers miraculously survive fires, and kills their enemies by burning their homes while they sleep.

Stories tied to the legend of the Yellow Man.

  • During a great plague, a group of victims holed themselves up in a basement. The disease ravaged their bodies, but never killed them despite the high death tolls among the population. They claimed to have tried pleading with several divine powers and saints, and including some they didn’t truly believe in or wouldn’t otherwise approve of worshipping. In the following years, they all had children who died of pox.
  • A former vizier of the great potentate once lost all of his estates and his family in fires. Several of his subjects had earlier complained about unbearable taxes and working conditions, but their voices had fallen on deaf ears. They were rounded up and interrogated, and while they confessed to having enacted rituals to curse the vizier, none could be proven to have anything to do with the fires. The suspects were all executed.
  • During another great fire many years ago, a mother claimed her child had been trapped within their burning home. When the father dropped down on his knees and prayed for their son, a man with glistening yellow skin had appeared out of the flames and smoke carrying the child. She said he handed her the boy, picked up her husband despite his best efforts, and carried him into the fire. She never saw her husband or the man again.

The Yellow Man

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